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Window Wall Specifications
 System Type System
  Glazing Mullion
 Series CG OG DG Capt. Silic. Width Depth ¼” 1”
 C40 Series       1¾” 4”  
 C45 Series       1¾” 4½”  
 CI45 Series     2” 4½”
 CI45T Series     2½” 4½”
 F20 Series     2” 2”  
 F30 Series     2” 3”  
 F40 Series     1¾” 4”  
 F45 Series     2” 4½”
 F60 Series     2¼” 6”
 FI45 Series   2” 4½”
 FI60 Series   2¼” 6”   •     •  
 CG = Center Glazed, OG = Offset Glazed, DG = Dual Glazed, Capt. = Captured, Silic. = Silicone

Work Required:
Storefront Material shall be as detailed on the shop drawings and manufactured by Sun Valley Products, Inc., 4626 Sperry Street, Los Angeles, California and the glazing contractor shall furnish all necessary material, labor, and equipment for the complete installation of the following: Storefront sash, division and corner bars, sill and jamb trim, bulkheads, aluminum frame sections, and access doors.

Work Not Included:
Structural steel, wood framing, and painting will be done under their respective section of the specifications.

Storefront sections shall be extruded of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. Formed sections where indicated shall be aluminum alloy of proper gauge as shown on the drawings.

All exposed portions of extruded aluminum storefront moldings shall be standard finished such as: anodized, clear, bronze, or black (please specifiy required finish). Brake molds and formed sections shall be anodized to closely approximate the finish of extruded sections.

All items under this section shall be set in their correct locations as shown in the details; shall be set level, plumb, square and at their proper elevations, and in alignment with all work. All joints between metal and masonry shall be tightly caulked to prevent leakage. All metal shall be secured in place with fasteners according to the shop drawings. At all points where moldings are joined, they should be accurately cut and neatly fitted to result in a tightly closed joint. After erection the General Contractor shall adequately protect all exposed portions of the storefront metal work from damage by grinding and polishing machines, plaster, lime, acid, cement, paint or other harmful materials.

The General Contractor shall be responsible for removal of protective materials and cleaning of the aluminum. All aluminum shall be thoroughly cleaned with plain water or a petroleum product such as; white gasoline, kerosene, or distillate. No abrasive or caustic agents shall be used.


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