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MS Series:
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Storefront Aluminum Mall Slider is a multi-panel interior slider. By using single tracks that stack together, the MS Series offers an endless amount of slider and fixed panel configurations. The standard features on the MS Series assures you of not only a top-of-the-line slider, but also offers you the best value for your dollar.

Top Track: is full weather-stripped to reduce sound, air and water infiltration; also assisting in the smooth travel of the panels.

1½” Jamb: allows for out-of-square openings.


2” Wide Stiles: compliments the standard narrow stile “C” door. A 4” monumental stile is available for large openings.


Bottom Rails: on sliding panels receive double mohair or optional vinyl sweeps to reduce air, sound and water infiltration. Bottom rails are available in 3”, 4½” and 10” handicapped sizes.


Standard Hardware:

MS Lock
Mortise Cylinders Both Sides
T-Turn Available (upon request)
Exit Indicator
Recessed Pull Handles

Sliding Panels: Sliding panels glide on a pair of 1-1/8” adjustable “Tandem Rollers” allowing for ½” of vertical adjustment and openings out-of-square. One pair of Tandem Rollers will accommodate up to 400 pounds per panel.

Extruded aluminum track incorporates a non-magnetic (rust proof) stainless steel track over, to prevent wear on the track and rollers and to assist the rollers in smooth operation. The track cover eliminates skips and bumps on extruded tracks.

Sound and air infiltration are reduced by dual weather stripping.

Bottom tracks are fastened with black oxide S.S. screws supplied by Sun Valley Products, Inc.


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