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Mall Slider Specifications


Aluminum:   6063-T5 major sections shall be 1/8” thick.
Finish:   All exposed aluminum shall receive an anodized or paint finish. Clear and Bronze standard finish with special colors available.
Paint:   Silicone Polyester, and Kynar paint available.
Still Track:   #304 stainless steel track cover over extruded aluminum.
Rollers:   1-1/8” diameter steel tandem rollers, adjustable to ½”. One pair of tandem rollers shall support 400 pounds per panel. Stainless steel rollers are available for panels weighing over 400 pounds or by request.

Work Required:
Sliding units shall be as detailed as manufactured by Sun Valley Products, Inc.

Sliding units shall be complete factory assemblies except for K.D. units which will be completely prepped by the factory.

Corners of doors shall be accurately joined and fitted with flush hairline joints. Doors shall be of triple reinforced construction having reinforced anchor blocks bolted to the stiles and secured in place with dome lock washers. Glazing of doors shall be of vinyl type and no screws shall be needed to secure glazing stops in place.

All cut-outs, reccesses, mortising or milling operations required for hardware shall be accruately made and reinforced with backing plates as required to insure adequate strength of the connection.

Sun Valley Products, Inc. installs hardware that is designed to meet industry specifications. Hardware cut sheets are availabe upon request.


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