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FI60 Series
2¼” x 6” Offset Glazed Framing Sections

Economy with Design Flexibility
The FI-60 Series Window Wall System offers the economy of a standard system with the versatility to fulfill most low and high rise applications. This is a high performing wall system with the most demanding wind and dead load requirements. The design is able to achieve a monumental interior profile while maintaining exterior sightlines.

The shallow reveal complemented by a 2¼” sightline aesthetically blends with clear, tinted, or reflective glass. Structural silicone verticals provide a full glass appearance while the continuous horizontal cover creates a unique accent strip.

Installation and material costs are significantly reduced. Continuous head and sill receptors are attached to the building. The vertical mullions are then set in place. Interlocking receptor inserts retain the vertical mullions without costly fastening or drilling.

Materials and Performance
All sections are extruded of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. The FI60 Series system has been tested to meet or exceed established ASTM standards for air, water, and structural performance. Certified test reports are available upon request.

System Integration
The FI60 Series system has a 2¼” face dimension x 6” depth. This system is fully compatible with all Sun Valley Products, Inc. entrances.




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