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Entrance Door Specifications
 System Type Stile Dimensions Glass Thickness
  Series   Stile   Width   Depth   ¼”   ½”   1” 
 NS Series Narrow 2-1/16” 1¾”
 MS Series Medium 4-1/8” 1¾”
 WS Series Wide 5-1/16” 1¾”

Work Required:
Entrance doors shall be as detailed and as manufactured by Sun Valley Products, Inc. 4626 Sperry Street, Los Angeles, California.

Sections shall be extruded 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. Major tubular portions of door stiles and rails shall be not less than .100” in thickness and glazing moldings not less than .050” in thickness.

For aluminum entrance doors, shall be furnished and installed in the door by the door manufacturer and shall include the following items; push / pull hardware, threshold, deadlock with cylinders, center pivots, offset pivots, butt hinges, concealed over-head hinge, floor closer, or over-head surface / concealed closer.

Entrance units shall be complete factory assemblies, including doors, frames, sidelites, transoms, and hardware. Corners of doors shall be accurately joined and fitted with flush hairline joints. Doors shall be of triple reinforced construction having reinforced anchor blocks bolted to the stiles and secured in place with lock washers. Glazing of doors shall be of bulb vinyl type and no screws shall be needed to secure glazing stops in place. All cut-outs, recesses, mortising or milling operations required for hardware shall be accurately made and reinforced with backing plates as required to insure adequate strength of the connections.


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