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C45 Series
1¾” x 4½” Center Glazed Framing Sections

Superior Performance and Cost Efficiency
The C45 Series storefront system incorporates an advanced framing design which reduces installation time and material costs. By providing continuous head and sill receptors with interlocking receptor inserts between the vertical mullions, costly fastening methods are virtually eliminated.

Sun Valley Products, Inc. provides two types of installation methods for all center glazed systems. The “Easy-Set” method is the most cost effective providing a “Stick” type of installation while the screw race method allows the entire frame to be prefabricated and installed as a single unit.

Materials and Performance
All storefront sections are extruded of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. The C45 Series system has been tested to meet or exceed established ASTM standards for air, water, and structural performance. Certified test reports are available upon request.

System Integration
The C45 Series system has a 1¾” face dimension x 4½” in depth and accepts ¼” glazing. This system is fully compatible with all Sun Valley Products, Inc. entrances and accepts a number of interchangeable companion parts and snap fits.

"Easy-Set" System

Screw Race System



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